DJ Rahdu – Some Jazz 23: Herbie Hancock Remakes & Covers

My first encounter with Herbie Hancock was in 1983, as a 6 year old, watching his Rockit video on MTV. Completely unaware of his 21 year history, I would either dance around the room or stand, mouth agape in awe of the mannequins/robots, DST’s scratching and that catchy synth line. It would be almost 20 years before I reconciled that the guy with the headphone mic in the video was the same guy who wrote Dolphin Dance, which was covered by Ahmad Jamal and sampled by No ID for one of my favorite Common songs, Resurrection. Hip Hop’s sample culture allowed me to discover more of his compositions, but when I grabbed his book, Possibilities in 2015, I developed a more complete picture of the man from the Rockit video.

  1. Columbia Nights – All In
  2. Jesse Fischer x Sly5thAve – Watermelon Man
  3. Diggs Dukes – Bubbles
  4. Dwele – Thought It Was You (Herb Hop)
  5. Lauren Desberg – Come Running To Me
  6. [re:jazz] – Rockit
  7. Bones the Beat Head – Through the Window
  8. Kenny Keys – Herbin’ Wit’ Herbie
  9. DJ Cam Quartet – Herbie
  10. Base-12 – The One For Herbie Hancock
  11. Relaen – Bedtime / A Tribute to Herbie Hancock
  12. Small Professor – Herbie Hancock
  13. Jesse Fischer x Sly5thAve – Sly Redux
  14. Christian McBride, Nicholas Payton, & Mark Whitfield – Sly
  15. Kyoto Jazz Sextet – Succotash
  16. Shecky’s Jazzy Tofu – Butterfly
  17. Ruby Rushton – Butterfly
  18. Christian Scott Quintet – Eye of the Hurricane
  19. Soul Bossa Trio – Dolphin Dance
  20. Groove Collective – Speak Like a Child
  21. Byron the Aquarius & Farnell Newton – Maiden Voyage
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