Thijsenterprise – Snits

I may be indirectly influenced by The Case of the Three Sided Dream, the eye opening Rahsaan Roland Kirk documentary I Just watched, but while listening to the latest release from Thijsenterprise all I can do is imagine how a collaboration by these 2 would sound. Snits is the EP’s name, and squawking sax over Hip Hop beats is the game. The Dutch saxophonist/composer, describes the sound as headnod punkjazz, but I call it the sound of Jazz enjoying its previously unseemly relationship with Hip Hop. More and more, we’re seeing Jazz/Hip Hop hybrid compositions vs Jazz samples over Hip Hop beats and I’m loving every minute of it. The full length is scheduled to drop later this year on Rucksack Records and I’m already clearing space on my shelf for the vinyl. And so should you

Everything can be music if it is developed and cultivated, from the hum of the Sun to things happening down here on Earth. “Rahsaan Roland Kirk

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