On My Hard Drive Ep.2 (4 Songs For Social Justice & Bilal – Love For Sale)

Around this time is when I get inspired to do a social justice mix in thew vein of my Mental Evolution series. I figured Episode 002 of On My Hard Drive would be a good place to set some songs I would definitely include if I were to do a mix soon. I’ve also been mining my Hard Drive and came across Bilal‘s shelved 2004 album, Love For Sale. This album is too good for people to miss due to being unaware of it’s existence. Enjoy the gems and spread the word!

Audio Podcast HERE
Video Web Series HERE

Shouts out to SuazeOne for the soundbed!
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Show Notes:
Devin Morrison
80’s Babies
Walk Together Children
Dre & Vidal
Kedar Massenburg
Sa-Ra Creative Partners
Links to ALL songs and albums mentioned are below

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