Jahari Masamba Unit – Hommage À La Vielle Garde (Pour Lafarge Et Rinaldi)

Tomorrow is Black Friday and a lot of great albums are being released and lucky for me, I was able to get my hands on one album I’ve been highly anticipating a little early. I’ll preface this by writing, like most, I’ve been a fan of producer/emcee Madlib in all of his manifestations, and drummer/producer Karriem Riggins, and most of their monstrous individual output. However their collaboration, Life, on Madlib’s 2008 release, WLIB AM: King Of The Wigflip album, has remained an enduring favorite. Little did I know at that time, they had been working as a producer/emcee duo known as Supreme Team and released 2007’s single See. I later discovered, while descending my Yesterday’s New Quintet rabbit hole, they reassembled as jazz supergroup, Jahari Masamba Unit, releasing 2 tracks between 2007 and 2010.

Now, or tomorrow for most, we are finally receiving the fruits of Jahari Masamba Unit‘s labor, the 13 track jazz-tastic, Pardon My French. All track titles appear in french, but the duo are able to vibe out and deliver tune after tune that communicates to your soul in whatever language you happen to speak. Perhaps coincidentally, the final song on the album, Hommage À La Vielle Garde (Pour Lafarge Et Rinaldi), spoke to me just when I needed it. The title translates to Tribute To The Old Guard (For Lafarge And Rinaldi) and the song is a cover of Loran’s Dance which was popularly sampled for ATCQ‘s Push It Along. I happened to receive and listen to the album 11/20, the day of Phife‘s 50th birthday and it was a true salve on a wound that still hits me when I think of the 5 Foot Assassin and what him and his crew meant to me.

Jahari Masamba Unit – Hommage À La Vielle Garde (Pour Lafarge Et Rinaldi)

Pardon My French is available tomorrow. You can listen to one more track, Les Jardins Esméraldins (Pour Caillard), and preorder HERE

It has been revealed that next year, a posthumous Phife album will be released. Usually, I have low expectations for such albums, but I know Rasta Roots, his love and respect for Phife, as well as his production chops and ear, so I can say I am looking forward to this release.
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