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  • The Monk (Sticker)

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    Monk is undeniably one of the most intriguing players in Jazz canon. Innovative and mysterious, he kept everyone on their toes with his unconventional ways. Although he didn’t fit neatly into the Jazz musician archetype of the time, the unorthodox yet highly influential pianist remains an icon to this day.

On Deck

Compiled by DJ Rahdu, On Deck became an international sucess, granting many stateside artists an international audience and vice versa.  Featuring Byron the Aquarius, Tall Black Guy, Freddie Joachim, Soia & more!

On Deck 2

For On Deck 2, wading through a wealth of new material submitted specifically for his new project, Rahdu selected twelve brand new tracks, created by tomorrow’s found generation…

On Deck 3

On its way to becoming another much-loved series in the tradition of Stop and Listen, the Spectrum compilations, or perhaps more aptly Kon & Amir’s Off Track sets all from BBE, On Deck has been a music-format manifestation of the Birmingham, Alabama-based website BamaLoveSoul for the past couple of years.


Born and raised in my city, Sun Ra is a constant muse and musical icon whose philosophy included thinking outside of the box and not being confined to another’s ideas. Coupled with the increase of albums being hailed as classics or failures within hours of release I imagined a musical listening society that allowed an album a reasonable incubation period before bestowing a designation…


With this tee we’re remembering one of Africa’s most influential public figures in music, politics and pop culture. The singer, musician, political and human rights activist recorded dozens of albums during his very influential and challenging career. Fela Kuti not only pioneered the musical style of Afrobeat (a fusion of jazz, funk, Ghanaian/Nigerian highlife, psychedelic rock and traditional West African chants and rhythms), he was an outspoken critic of of the Nigerian government, the corrupt officials and the mistreatment of Nigerian citizens…

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